YouTube to Launch a New Music Streaming Service

YouTube the largest video streaming service has set its eye on the music streaming market. In an official announcement by Google, YouTube’s parent company made it official that they are launching a new music streaming service very soon. This music streaming app or service will act on the virtues of YouTube allowing you to search and stream content. It will automatically suggest music based on your search on YouTube. It can automatically curate playlists based on your preferences.

YouTube Premium MusicWe all love music and YouTube, coming together of them can appeal to most users. It can be a new way of enjoying your music going ahead. One question can come to your mind if you are a Google Play Music Subscriber. Will the Google Play Music be gone? It is most likely the way and it has been hinted in the official announcement as well. However, it won’t be a change that happens just as yet. We can expect a gradual shift from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Moreover, all your subscription and playlists will be there and automatically move to the new player. So, you will still have all your Google Play Music contents, only on a different music player.

In the official announcement, it is said to be a Premium Service of ads free experience. However, an ad-powered Free version will also be available. The pricing according to the official blog post is $9.99 for the YouTube Music Premium subscription. Premium subscription will allow you to download the music for offline usage.

YouTube also plans to revamp the YouTube Red subscription to YouTube Premium at a new cost of $11.99 for new members. However, YouTube has promises members of YouTube Red will enjoy their previous pricing as well. The price increase is justified as YouTube Premium at $11.99 will include the YouTube Music Premium.

The service will first roll out in U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea this Tuesday, May 22nd. It will later come to other countries in coming weeks.

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