Xiaomi can Launch its Popular Budget Fitness Tracker Mi Band 3

Xiaomi is all set to update their popular budget fitness tracker. It is nearly two years since Mi Band 2 launch and it is time Xiaomi upgrade their popular fitness tracker. The most appealing feature of Mi Bands is the price. They come at a very budget price but act very precisely and last longer on a full charge. Exact details are not with us at the moment but the teasers point out a new generation of Mi Band coming very soon.

Xiaomi is due to host an anniversary event in Shenzen, China where they can launch a couple of devices. One has to be the successor of Mi 6, some reports suggest it can be called Mi 7 or Mi 8 as it is the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi. Mi 7 can launch in the third quarter this year.

What can be Expected from Mi Band 3

We do eagerly hope for an upgrade of the Mi Band 2 which was a hot favorite among the users across the globe. Mi Band 2 was a lot cheaper to the usual Fitbit trackers but did a great job of tracking and staying alive for long on a single charge. The Mi Band 2 lasts around 20 days on a single charge. It is rather very impressive for a tracker so small to last that long on a single charge.

Mi Band 2 was not a touchscreen model and the latest rumors suggest this year we can see a touchscreen OLED panel. Mi Band 2 was IP 67 certified which is good enough but we can expect far better protection this year. The sensors can also see an upgrade from the Light Based PPG. The price is one thing we expect Xiaomi to take the most care of on the launch day. The current price of Mi Band 2 hovers around the $35 mark which makes it one of the cheapest trackers. However, Xiaomi never compromises with the quality and we hope for the same with this year’s Mi Band 3. If Xiaomi decides to add some color options to the band it can be great as Mi Band 2 was only available in Black.


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