Top 5 Vehicle Simulator Games

Vehicle simulator games are fun and great for casual gaming while traveling or a quick break from work. They are fun and provide you with real controls to drive a real vehicle in real life like scenarios. I am a big fan of vehicle simulator games as they are not Power hungry and fun to play.

Today let us look at the few games that I have played myself and have found them to be really fun and engaging. These are not serious gamer’s cup of tea, so if you are someone who likes good graphics and intense game plays, these are not for you.

List Of Best Vehicle Simulator Games

#1 Dr. Driving

dr driving car simulatorThis one is among the best driving simulator games with real like game controls and visually stunning gameplay. It allows you to drive a car in the game from the point of view of a real driver using the steering, brakes and gas pedal. It is not as easy as it sounds, the levels get tough as you move ahead.

#2 Train Simulator

train simulatorIf you ever wanted to know how it feels like to drive a train, this game is for you. The first time I tried this game, it felt so intense, I played it for hours. This used to be my companion on boring subway rides to the office every day. With tons of trains and visually stunning tracks, this is one of the best simulators games you can play on Android.

#3 Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

flight simulatorThis one is a challenging game with flight controls from the point of view of a pilot. You are to take off and land on various airports finishing tasks to move ahead. The missions are challenging and will take some practice to fly a plane properly.

#4 Bus Simulator

bus simulatorSimilar to the train simulator, this public bus simulator allows you to drive a bus from the POV of a driver and stop at bus stops and finish challenges. It sounds easy, but the actual gameplay is challenging and it will surely keep you trying again and again to finish the levels.

#5 Taxi Sim

taxi simulatorTaxi Sim is a great game with tons of challenges and long hours of gameplay. You are given choices of top taxis from around the cities. You can be a taxi driver for a day helping passengers. The graphics are great and the gameplay is very engaging.

If you have never tried a vehicle simulator game in past. We strongly suggest you download any one of the above today and share your experience with us. The best part of vehicle simulator games is that they allow you to drive vehicles you can only dream to drive in real life like a plane or a bus or a train.

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