OnePlus 6 is Finally Launched Ticks most Boxes as a Balanced Phone

OnePlus is finally revealed in a launch event in India today, the global launch was the day previous today. We all have most probably seen the device and even read the initial impression of many tech experts. Being a OnePlus user myself I could not resist from expressing my take on the new device. OnePlus has always been a powerful device for the price. This year falls on the same track with the new OnePlus 6 ticking most boxes as a balanced smartphone. I call it a balanced phone because it has many things that are impressive but lack somethings we expected from the new device.

The price has seen a gradual seen a hike this year. It however seems a great performer in the likes of Galaxy S9, Pixel 2 and other smartphones from top manufacturers. While the top manufacturers have seen to charge a premium for almost similar specs, OnePlus seems to be worthy of the price.

OnePlus 6

Let’s talk about the specs that really impressed me making it a complete device. First of all the powerhouse of the device is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. To support the powerhouse you get the goodness of 6GB or 8GB RAM handling the intense tasks. The design is the area that has received the most noticeable makeover. Moving away from metal unibody design has adapted glass back enclosed in a metal frame. The front of the device gets the infamous “Notch”, love it or hate it, it is the new trend.

OnePlus has always been a step ahead of most manufacturers in the software game. It has already received the Android P beta to as promise to get quick Android updates. Additionally, OnePlus has taken the users view to make it an option to hide the “Notch” if you want.

The hardware also remains very impressive, there is still the Dash charging for a day’s power in 30 minutes. There is still the dual camera setup with f/1.7 lens, one being a 16MP and other a 20MP with OIS. You have the headphone jack keeping in mind the feedbacks of users. There is facial and fingerprint scanner, along with 16MP selfie camera. The display gets bigger, a 6.28″ AMOLED panel with Gorilla Glass 5 on top. You even get three new colors for more choice to the consumers.

Things that I personally would have liked, an IP Grade certification. Although OnePlus has made it clear it is a water-resistant device, but an IP Certification is just peace of mind. The display is not bad by any means, but a QHD display is always better to a Full HD.

However, overall OnePlus 6 ticks most boxes for being a very balanced device with latest and greatest processor, mammoth RAM, smooth OS, fast charging, dual cameras, etc. Pricing is the point that is most impressive and makes it stand out. The base variant is $529/ INR 34,999 for the 6GB+64GB variant. The 8GB+128GB variant comes at a price tag of $579/ INR 39,999. India will get the Limited Edition Avengers Edition with 8GB+256GB at INR 44,999.

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