How to Store Your Old Printed Photos as Digital Photos

We all have memories close to our heart from the days’ digital photography was not that popular as today. I have tons of my childhood photos as printed photos stored in photo albums. The hassle of carrying bulky photo albums is not always a practical solution. In addition, you cannot share the photos on your social Media directly.

One way of doing things is to take a photo of the photos using your smartphone camera. However, that results in low-quality digital versions with glares and noise.

To overcome the problems we will discuss an easy and proven method that I have been using to get great results as the digital version of old printed photos. It is easy to use and free for Android.

Google launched an App specifically for the purpose of scanning the old photos in digital format and storing on our smartphones. You have to simply open the app and point in on the photo and the app will automatically take four photos using software processing to create the best glare-free digital scan.

Best App Store Old Printed Photos as Digital Photos

Let us go through the steps one by one to effectively scan the photos you want to store as digital prints using the Google Photoscan app.

Step 1: Download Photoscan By Google Photos

Google photoscanDownload the free app from Google Playstore. You can visit this link and download the free app from Google.

Step 2: Taking Photo

scan old photos using google photoscanOpen the app, you will notice an interface similar to your smartphone camera viewfinder. The only difference will be four dots that will be displayed on the screen. These four dots will capture a single image from four different angles using different setting. Rest is done by the advanced machine learning of Google. It combines the photos together to provide an image that is glare free and removes unwanted areas from the photos.

Step 3: Adjustments

Final output of Google PhotoscanYou can use the built-in editor to make further adjustments to the corners or rotate the image to your liking. In most cases the final output will be as good as a new click and will not require anymore adjustment if you followed the dots properly. Google does a great job of rotating the pictures perfectly using its machine learning.

The only thing to keep in mind is the angles; make sure you position the phone properly at a slight angle to remove any shadows from the phone you are holding. Google advises Android 5.0/Lollipop or higher for better results.

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