Chrome to Remove Green Secure Indicator from Https this September

SSL certificate or Https allows the users to have the peace of mind while browsing a website that personal information is safe. TLS or Transport Layer Security is the security protocol that makes the connection secure between users and the website. Any data you share on Https website is secured by TLS and cannot be accessed unauthorized. This means no third party or outsider can access your packets which contains the communication you have as a user of the website.

If you have a website or thinking one for your business, its time you get an SSL certificate. Google chrome browser is said to give a warning to users while accessing a non-https website from coming September. Until now people were more concerned about SSL only as an option for extra security and user’s trust. However, with the change in the policy of the internets largest browser, Non-Https websites will flag a red warning sign. This can rather make users move away from the sites having a red warning sign saying them insecure. This means unless you have an Https website you cannot display normally while browsing through chrome browser.

September 2018 should be your Deadline for your Website to have SSL

chrome new https rulesThis has come as an argument as the SSL certificates have become really cheap nowadays. And you do not have any strong reasons to not use one on your website. Google has said that internet has to be safe for normal users by default. So, insecure or in other words, non-https sites are to be considered unsafe by default. Chrome will visually make changes to alert the user of the potential security threats. Https websites will, however, we visually no different contrast to the green secure lock we see currently while browsing on chrome.

This move makes SSL certificate must-have to ensure the users their personal information is in safe hands. If you are still arguing yourself not to get an SSL certificate it is best to get one until September 2018.

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